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Theater Lights

January 19, 2022- The Paper.

COVID Surge Closes Curtains

Local Shows Rescheduled Thanks to Omicron

January 10, 2022

Best laid plans....

From the Board of Directors of @Actors Studio 66 :

As you are all aware, we were planning on putting up our inaugural production of #LIFESUCKS to have opened on January 28th

However, due to the recent spike in COVID infections, we think it best to hold off and to reschedule. We have come to this decision with the support of our wonderful Cast, our fellow Board Members and as a group, believe it important to stand in solidarity with our NM Health Care workers and the other houses in town, who are also postponing their productions.

We were excited and we know you were, too; it's such a great play! We'll see you soon though....stay aware, stay safe and thank you in advance for your support of local, live theater.

Frederick Ponzlov

Kathleen Welker

Artistic Directors

Actors Studio 66

Rescheduled for: April 2022

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