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Side 1 – 8 Years Old

Doug: Have you ever cut your face open?


Kayleen: No.


Doug: I get cuts all the time by accident.


Kayleen: I like the nurse’s office. It is quiet and dark.


Doug: I had a stomachache when I went and saw the movies.


Kayleen: I like the movies except when I come out and they were sun.


Doug: I had three big Cokes. and I had gummy worms. I like to swallow them like real worms.


Kayleen: Why do you have so much blood?


Doug: Because I fell.


Kayleen: Why'd you fall?


Doug: I rode my bike off the roof.


Kayleen: What roof?


Doug: This roof.


Kayleen: The school roof?


Doug: Yeah.


Kayleen: Why.


Doug: I was playing Evil Knievel.


Kayleen: What's Evil Knievel?


Doug: He's a motorcycle guy.

That’s how I broke my face.


Kayleen: Your face isn't broken, it's just cut.


Doug: Sister Mary Pat said I broke my face.


Kayleen: Does it hurt?


Doug: One time? I went ice skating with my brothers? And I fell on the ice and this girl skated by me and her ice skate cut my eyelid open and I was bleeding out of my eye. I couldn't see because of all the blood.


Kaylee: Did it hurt?


Doug: No, because the eyelid is small even though there is a lot of blood. I have a scar on my eye.

Girls don't get scars.


Kayleen: Yes we do.


Doug: How come?


Kayleen: If you rode your bike off the roof, then how did you get the bike on the roof?


Doug: I climbed up a tree.


Kayleen: You took your bike with you up the tree?


Doug: Yeah.


Kayleen: Why.


Doug: So I could ride it off the roof.


Kayleen: And then you rode your bike off the roof?


Doug: Yeah.



Side 2 – 23 Years Old


Scene 7. Twenty-three: Tooth and Nail


Ten years earlier. The kids are twenty-three.


Night, outside of a funeral home. Kayleen sits on the steps of the funeral home, smoking. She wears the same black dress from scene two, but she looks clean and sober.


Doug enters. He's wearing the black suit from scene two, but no blood, and he still has his left eye. He’s missing one of his front teeth. They look at each other.


Doug: (smiles) Hey again.


Kayleen: What happened to your tooth?


Doug: Knocked it out. This morning. I was hammering in the shed. Hi Kayleen


Kayleen: Hey again.


Doug: I'm sorry.


Kayleen: For what.


Doug: For your dad.


Kayleen: You're sorry for him.


Doug: About him.


Kayleen: You missed the wake. Everyone went home. No one in there but the dead guy in a box.


Doug: I thought it went till nine.


Kayleen: Eight-thirty.


Doug: It’s good to see you.


Kayleen: Fuck off. Toothless piece of shit.

     They smile at each other. Doug goes to her for a hug.

Doug: It's so good to see you.


Kayleen: No, don't hug me. I'm all hugged out. I've been hugging people all day. Everybody everyone in here: I'm sorry for your loss. I'm so sorry for your loss.

What loss?

If I hug one more person I'm going to choke on my own spit.


Doug: It's been forever, Leenie.


Kayleen: I've been here. Where the fuck have you been?


Doug: College.


Kayleen: College.


Doug: I came back in the summers and Christmas. I tried to find you. I tried to look you up, but I couldn't find you.


Kayleen: I was here.


Doug: Where? Not listed. Not at home.


Kayleen: I work. I work and I sleep. What do you do?


Doug: Nothing. Not right now. Looking. I don't know. Seems whenever I'm home I'm looking for you.


Kayleen: You didn't look hard enough.

     Doug shakes himself out, as in waking from a dream or a trance.


Doug: Jeez, Leenie, you're here now! I found you!

     He sits next to her and hugs her. She's annoyed


Kayleen: Would you stop? You're a freak.


Doug: I missed you. I missed you, Leenie.


Kayleen: Don't call me that. Nobody calls me that.


Doug: I call you that. 

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